• Membership Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in membership of the Ingomar Club. Please fill out the form below and the Ingomar Club Membership Committee will contact you soon.


  • All requested information on the membership application must be completed thoroughly. An original and signed application completed online is preferred. Applications can also be dropped off at the General Manager's office, or faxed or mailed to the Club.
  • All dues, charges, and initiation fees to be made payable to Ingomar Club. All paid dues and initiation fees for admission to the Club are non-refundable.
  • Annual dues and initiation fees are determined by the information provided with the application. Memberships categories are dependent on the prospective member's age and location. If you have more than one home or work address, the closest address will be used to determine your membership category. Prospective members residing, or having a place of business within a radius of 60 miles of the Club shall have resident status. Those who are outside of the limits shall have non-resident status.
  • The admittance process is dependent on when the prospective member submits their application. Please allow four weeks for processing. New members accepted to the Club will be notified by mail and by email.

I N I T I A T I O N   F E E S

Regular and Non-resident Members shall pay an initial fee, including any applicable tax.  The fee in effect at the date of admission to membership, rather than the date of approval of the membership application, shall be paid by each new member.  The amount of initiation fees and the schedule for payment thereof shall be set by the Board of Directors as it determines from time to time.  Members may not vote or hold office until the entire initiation fee is paid in full, but shall have all other privileges of membership.