• Foyer

“Carson’s residence has been commenced…the location will make it a conspicuous landmark, and it will, in every particular, be one of the finest in Eureka.”

— The Humboldt Daily Standard, July 26, 1884.

William Carson spared no expense in the construction of his home. “William Carson is building a residence which will cost something over $80,000.00…neither time nor money is being spared to make the edifice altogether complete.” (The Humboldt Daily Standard, July 20, 1885.)

Many building materials were brought in from around the world. Mr. Carson had a fondness for woods. He used the finest redwood from his own lumber mills, but also primavera, mahogany, oak, teak wood and fir. One enters the Carson Mansion through a pair of oak storm doors into a small beautifully adorned vestibule.